Wednesday, June 20, 2007

WIP Wednesday

My main works-in-progress these last few days have consisted of the finishing touches for my mom's retirement party. Who am I kidding - finishing touches? I should say beginning touches! I'm hosting it at my house on Sunday, so at least I have 3 more days to prepare. For some reason I thought it would be a great idea to do handmade decorations. My ideas are always perfect in theory (and in my middle-of-the-night brainstorming sessions) but somewhere between my brain and the sewing machine reality hits - usually in the form of two little people screeching, smacking each other, and wanting to be fed. Eh, they can feed themselves, right?

I found this great vinyl outdoor tablecloth and thought it would make some nice little seat covers for my patio set - and it just so happended that Target also carries all the matching party supplies - string lights, plates, napkins, you name it!

We've been working on our landscaping over the last week or so and I am so enjoying the new flowers on the back deck. Add a few little lanterns, some brightly colored pots and some wind chimes and we're ready to party!

I think my favorite part so far is this sweet little bunting made from 30's-inspired fabrics. I'm really going for a old-fashioned look and this will bring it all together. Oh! I just thought of another perfect little touch - my grandmother's white milk glass filled with fresh flowers! Is that going to be precious?!

Another bonus - an enormous pile of scraps.....oh, scraps - how I love you.


  1. Oh, Steph! I just know the party is going to be fabulous! Your mom's day will be truly special. :)

  2. Oh my LORD. The precious. I can't take it! You have the BEST ideas. Oh please, oh PLEASE tell us you will post pics of the party and how it turned out!

  3. HOw exciting. Loved the pictures....and ummmm what is a bunting? Sorry....just dont' know. LOL

  4. Corey, you'll just have to wait and see. ;)

    Thanks for the sweet words, girls.

  5. What gorgeous ideas! I hope all goes well tomorrow, and I can't wait to hear about it!

  6. Stephanie you have such great ideas! You are so talented and creative! You MUST post pix of your mom's party!!