Monday, August 27, 2007

A little goodness

A couple of months ago I found a blog I really enjoy, written by Leslie in Japan. We email back and forth and are in the process of doing a craft swap. Being the doll that she is she offered to pick up any Japanese fabric that I've had my eye on and mail it to me. Apparently a few other readers thought that was a good idea too! Within the last few weeks she's opened an Etsy shop to share the Japanese crafting goodness with the rest of us unfortunate souls stuck in the land of JoAnn Fabrics. I just can't rave enough about her selection and fantastic customer service!

I requested a specific book because I'm madly, deeply in love with the shirt on the cover. I want to make one for Delaney and myself. She ordered it for me and let me tell you, when I opened that delightful little envelope from Japan I literally gasped with excitement! I won the coolest Eco Bag and she stuck in some sweet squirrel fabric (that will be made into a fall tote for ME) and some little candies. I'm trying to pace myself on the candy - I have only eaten one piece and OH, BOY. The empty Hello Kitty wrapper contained a marshmallow filled with chocolate. Seriously? I could have eaten at least 5 of those. Or 9 or 10. I think the baby likes them.

All Your Kids Need (ISBN 4579111338)

Check out these bags - perfection! Totes, drawstrings....

And this dress - oh, my...

The minor glitch in my master plan is that both the book and the patterns are written entirely in Japanese. Hmm. Would it be a bit much to learn a foreign language to make a cute shirt?

Nah. I don't think so either.


  1. Don't worry, you don't need to learn Japanese, there is something very freeing about following a pattern without being able to read it! The Japanese craft books are so addictive, I don't have this one but may need it....

  2. That looks like a LOT of goodness to me, mama! Can't wait to see what all you come up with!

  3. thanks for the post tribute. i am glad your stuff arrived safely. and that you love it!