Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oh, dear!

Has it really been eight weeks since my last post? I'm embarrassed! It is a little difficult, however, to post without a computer. Remember my very sad picture? Well, my laptop is officially dead. At $600 to replace the screen I thought it was time to say goodbye. A new PC is at the top of my Christmas list, of course. I hop online every few days with my mom's laptop so I've been somewhat keeping up with my blog reading.

Since I haven't had much computer time I've decorated the heck out of my house. Every nook and cranny is filled with fall decorations. Martha Stewart glitter has become my best friend - the most beautiful colors and boy, can it transform ugly little green pumpkins!

I'm also very pleased to see the abundance of mercury glass accessories this fall/winter season. I have collected mercury glass for a few years - it's so hard to find! - but now it's everywhere. I've picked up a couple of candlesticks at Pottery Barn, some tiny little ornaments at Crate & Barrel, and some Christmas trees at Kohl's.

I just switched out the Halloween fabrics for some beautiful Joel Dewberry fabrics that are the epitome of fall. I so enjoy seeing them when I walk in the door - what a simple little arrangement to make me so happy!

Hopefully it won't be another eight weeks until we meet again....

1 comment:

  1. Oh Stephanie! Everything looks gorgeous!

    I miss hearing from you and SO hope a new computer is under the tree for you on Christmas morning!