Saturday, December 15, 2007

Handcrafters' Holidays Meme

From the folks over at Sew Mama Sew - here goes!


Do you have a favorite gift that you love to give?

No, I really don't! I try to personalize gifts to each person's changing interests/hobbies.

If you’re making gifts this year, what are you making? (Post photos if you have some!)
I'm making some felt pincusions, some patchwork initial shirts for little cousins, crayon rolls, tissue holders, and knitted socks. Mostly things that can be completed in short bursts of crafting!

Do you have any good stories about handcrafted gifts you’ve given or received?

No, not particularly - I have, however, been disappointed at the lack of enthusiasm with which handcrafted gifts were received. I know that's not the reason to give, but come on - don't we all expect just a teeeny bit of excitement or thankfulness when someone receives something that you spent hours and hours on? (You know, like a quilt?!)

Do you have any great gift compilation ideas (a grouping of gifts just perfect for certain recipients?)

All the little ones on my list are receiving crayon rolls with crayons and sketch pads/coloring books this year. I can't think of anything better for a toddler/preschooler!

Name one thing on your personal wish list.

Oh, just ONE?! How about three or four...

Anything from this lovely shop

These earrings

Gorgeous bangle bracelets

This print

Do you make and sell things that would make fantastic gifts? (Link)

Why, of course!

I'll be back with Part 2 of the meme (Traditions) later - crying baby, gotta go!


  1. ohh, i love the wristlets at a stitch in dye! And those bangles are lovely.

    I do hope you'll do a tutorial with your new fabric!

  2. I think crayon rolls are the best! I agree about the lack of enthusiasm from some folks receiving handmade items...I think it's just our society's lack of knowing where things come from and how much time and effort goes into making them (handmade or store-bought). I would appreciate anything handmade as I'm sure you would and gush and mush all over it! Happy Holidays!

  3. I would appreciate your handmade gifts!! Thank you for sharing your meme!!

  4. Speaking of people not always appreciating handmade gifts... My husband, a very talented musician, has a blank wall in his music studio. So I decided to quilt a music themed quilt that he could use as a wall-hanging on said blank wall. Each 12" square was made of an embroidered music related motif in the center with 18 pieces intricately sewn around it to complete the square. Well, one day he was in the garage working on his motorcycle, and he was using the rolled up quilt to cushion his knees on the dirty garage floor.