Monday, January 7, 2008

Time to slow down a bit

I've never really enjoyed this time of year (the post-holiday letdown) until recently. I used to enjoyed the chaos of November and December and find myself a little depressed come January 2.

No longer, my friends. I have enough chaos, courtesy of Delaney & Dawson, to last me all year long. I am reveling in the quiet, enjoying having the house back to normal, and not feeling guilty that I'm not handmaking all the Christmas gifts.

We cleared out all the decorations, put them in very organized red & green storage containers (I think I'm nesting already) and put out some goodies that had been in hiding. I found those awesome wood stamps at an antique shop and bought enough to spell our last name - I love them so much I want to buy the whole alphabet and spell things out all around the house.

I hinted (in a not-so-subtle way, like a link saying "BUY THIS") that I wanted this print from Swallowfield for Christmas. I think it's just perfect, don't you? And let's just pretend there's a picture in the frame below it.

What do you think of my latest obsession?? More to come on that in the next couple of days. :)

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