Friday, April 25, 2008


We're adjusting to being a family of 5. It really hasn't been too difficult - quite a bit messier and exponentially louder, but really not bad at all! D & D have figured out that they can wreak havoc while I'm nursing Finn so I have learned to keep the broom & dustpan handy.

I appliqued this shirt for Finn and amazingly it fits already - it's a 6-12 month! At his 5-week well visit this morning he weighed 12 lbs. 4 ounces. He totally has a Buddha belly - see for yourself.


  1. Hi!!!! It's good to hear from you! He's soooo adorable and the applique goody is great! Take care!

  2. what a cutie...and such a big boy already. :) what a blessing.

  3. I so need more pictures of your newest little man. He is SO gorgeous!

    Also... Happy Mother's Day, Stephanie!!

  4. I agree with Meghan - more pics, please! ('Cause you have nothing else to do, right?! hee hee)

  5. Love the pictures. He is a cutie. I also love the onsie you made him. The "big" & "little" shirts are adorable.

    Thanks for selecting my Fruit of the Spirit drawing as one of your favorites. I didn't even know you could select favorite pictures. I guess I need to play around in there more.

    If you get a chance, check out my blog at

    Nice to meet you,

  6. Stephanie, he is just to DIE for!!! Love the applique- you are so gifted! I am glad to hear that the adjustment hasn't been too hard.

  7. That shirt is sooooo precious!!! He is adorable.