Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tis the season...

for babies? It seems like there's a bumper crop of babies this spring. My sweet friend Angie asked me to make this to give as a gift. I've started making my Patchwork Initial tees with larget letters and I like it so much better. I can't wait for her to see it!

Another friend has me making two more shirts with matching quilts. I forgot to buy the quilt backing yesterday so I'm using some Kona Cotton that was supposed to be used for another project. I'll have to go back to Joann's later this week. So sad. I just hate looking at fabric. ;)

I've been freshening up my living and dining rooms with some new accessories and pictures. I need to replace my winter throw blankets with some lighter-weight throws and we'll be all spring-ified.
I found these awesome mossy rocks at TJ Maxx - I had been looking for some forever and was so psyched to finally find some!


  1. Wow... I love the baby items!

    You are so creative!!!

    Maybe if I visit your blog on a regular basis some of your creativity will rub off on me... or I can just steal your ideas! LOL

  2. Hi Steph,

    I LOVE all of your projects, especially the colorful initials.
    The mossy rocks were a great find, ya just gotta love TJ Max?


  3. Cuteness!!! I was picturing that beaded cross bigger, until I scrolled down--it's so cool!! I love your orangy artwork--any chance you'd give away its origins?? :)

  4. Oooh everything looks so beautiful and put together!!!!!

  5. Hey proudgrits! I got it at a Garden Ridge several years ago. It was on clearance for $7!!

  6. I'm stopping over from sewingmamas "knittymama3" forum and just wanted to say that I LOVE those two photos on your wall. I really would love to get photos done like that with my family but I'm the only photographer in the family.