Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Resolution

My bloggy resolution, that is. I am going to post more in 2009. Here's my problem - I feel the need to wait to post until I have an enormous amount of pictures and things to share and a perfectly written post to go with it. That (obviously) doesn't happen much. So this year I'm going to just throw it out there as it comes - or as I download my pictures. :) Does anyone else have trouble finding time to download, edit, and then upload pictures? It seem like such a process that I hardly ever sit down and do it.

So did you guys have a wonderful Christmas? We absolutely did - the kids are getting to a great age for opening gifts and they had a BLAST. It was so fun to watch. I didn't make them many gifts this year, as I had planned, but that's okay - they didn't notice!

Here's a little covered notebook that I made for my hairstylist, Erica. We have pretty much the exact same taste when it comes to decorating, and she is just the sweetest thing. She had two antique quilts (cutter quilts) that she wasn't going to use so she gave them to me! This was my Christmas gift to her - it's one of the Dresden Plates from the quilt! I used my trusty seam ripper to take it off of the old quilt and also pulled out all of the old batting. I ironed the seams under and then machine-appliqued it onto linen. I am in LOVE with this little book - I need to make myself one soon.

Delaney's birthday is on Monday and I think we're having her party on Saturday. I need to do some serious planning this week - she wants a Barbie Diamond Castle cake. Whoa.


  1. posting more often is one of my resolutions this year, too, stephanie! i so understand wanting the perfectly written post with the perfect photo--it is almost paralyzing for me when i finally sit down to post!

    i love the notebook covers! you were so lucky to be gifted such a pretty quilt, and your hairstylist was so lucky to be gifted one of these pretties in return!

  2. Love the notebook. SO CUTE.

    I, for one, would TOTALLY want to hear and see more from you here. (or anywhere! hee) Please don't wait until everything is perfect. Have you seen some of the goofiness I toss out on my blog? Just throw out there what you have ready . . . I think in the world of blogging, very few expect perfection. Besides, aren't most of your shots fairly perfect SOOC? ;)

    Seriously, do blog more. I miss hearing all that is going on with you and your beautiful children.


  3. What a beautiful notebook! Is there any end to your creativity??

    I'm with Megan - I'd LOVE to see more posts from you! I miss you, and would love updates on you and your family...and all of your crafty projects too! Oh, and more food posts, since you know I'm a fellow baking addict...;)

  4. hi,
    my goal this year is to post more of my own pictures...
    i use flickr as a resource to get inspired and blog pictures from should check it out,
    i could spend hours looking...
    you could blog about your yummy mac and cheese and post a pic from there...then you don't have the constant pressure to take a zillion pics yourself..and the pics have links to the photographer so they get the credit and the exposure as well.

  5. Your resolution made me laugh. I agree heaps of crafty bloggers seem to be ace photographers - what's with that?? But it's more important I've decided to "capture the moment" lol... now that I've mastered taking photos on my camera and sending them to my blog, I've decided to post a lot more of those moments that disappear so so so fast! I just found your blog and can't wait to spend a couple of hours reading ALL OF IT!! Hugs... Deb x (Christchurch, New Zealand)

  6. HI .. found you from faith folk cafe.. i can see you will become a fav for me!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this notebook cover!!! do you sell them?