Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm diggin

Clementines. They're seedless, easy to peel, and taste like candy. We've eaten 10 pounds of them in about a week.

Cowboy boots. I am (and have been) on the hunt for the PERFECT pair. I looooove the turquoise ones here - anyone know of any great boots? (That don't cost $400, that is. Those are easy to find).

What genius bribed Orla Kiely to design a collection for Target? My mouth literally dropped open and then I'm fairly sure I squealed when I found this out. Comes out this month - the 14th, I believe.

We (my mom, brother & I) went to Mountain Stage this past Sunday and saw Dierks Bentley. He was great, but what really caught my attention was the crazy good voice of Jessica Lea Mayfield. I kept thinking that one of her songs sounded SO familiar, and when I googled it I realized it's because The Avett Brothers also recorded it and I have played it over and over. I'm loving both of their sounds - twangy, acoustic, clean and just different. Different is good.

Speaking of good, let me demonstrate:


  1. I must say, I too am a CRAZY lover of cowboy boots!!! I pretty much stick to brown ones, but I have been known to love love love colored ones!
    I bought a really cute pair of durangos @ the Rocky Boot outlet on my way back from Columbus this weekend...they retailed @ about $160 and I got them for $35. They had some cute colored ones too...

  2. orla kiely?!? what?! omg. i am going to fashion the apron into a dress.

  3. I found these. . . but they are only in 6 or 6.5; but maybe you could find them someplace else on the interwebs!

  4. We loooooooove Clementine season around here too! Mmmmm...

    Just as an FYI, I turned my blog off for a bit, so if you try to visit and it says you need a password, it's not just you! I'll let everyone know when I bring it back online.

  5. Ah Stephanie...I went to Target right away and bough some magazine and CD boxes in the Orla collection... No sign of the kitchen things yet but I'll be patient.
    Thanks so much for posting this!

  6. Where are the turquoise boots from in the picture? I dare say that those boots are worth paying $400 for! Love them!

  7. I am a huge Avett Brothers fan, Stephanie! :) I have all of their albums on my iPod. I think my favorite is their original cover of November Blue. They have two others versions I don't like as well. The original is here: