Saturday, December 19, 2009

The view from here

On my of my favorite blankets.

On the of my favorite movies.

Outside my window.....beautiful.

On my mantel......sparkly decorations.

Ahhhh......nothing like an afternoon when you're forced to stay home and enjoy the things you love.


  1. I love that movie too - it's Christmasy without being too much - and Family Man - I need to watch both this week! Hope you had a fun, relaxing day!

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  3. Oops - tried to fix a typo and deletd my comment - sorry! Lovely post - looks like the perfect way to be spending this lead up to Christmas curled up under that lovely blanket watching a great movie. The snow outside looks stunning - here in Australia it's scorching hot! I enjoy reading your posts and seeing your creative projects. Have a happy Christmas!

  4. oooo looks lovely! wish I had been there, instead of here rushing to finish my sewing. LOL