Friday, January 15, 2010

No making fun (and a Haiti update)


I am very hopeful that I've found an orphanage to accept and distribute our handmade toys. It was not affected by the earthquake and I think that will make the logistics a little easier. I promise to update you as soon as I have more information. Thanks SO much for the interest - this is going to be a blessing for everyone involved!


On to the no making fun part - I am HORRIBLE at drawing in Photoshop. Completely laughable. I know how to do the things I want to do in AutoCad, but unfortunately that doesn't help me in PS. I would love to try Illustrator, too. This is a sad little thing I drew in PS to help me choose colors for my next quilt. I'm using the Country Threads Star Quilt pattern, which I bought 2 years ago at the Country Living Fair. I'm loving the idea of using these traditional patterns with a fresh color palette and more modern fabrics. One of my goals this year is to explore that.

Kathy at Pink Chalk Fabrics is just the best to work with when you're not sure which fabric to buy. We emailed back and forth yesterday and she was kind enough to match Kona cotton solids to the Hope Valley fabrics that I'm using. She posted 2 pictures to Flickr and I'll share them in case you might find them helpful too.

I really can't recommend her shop enough - she has a fantastic variety of fabrics and also let me know that she's expanding her collection of solids in the next month or so. My next order is going to contain one of those great Kona color sample cards, too. I know where my birthday money's going.

I have a couple quilt ideas on the back burner, and one of them is a large (6"-ish) patchwork quilt for Delaney's bed. I have slowly been collecting these Little Folks voiles and let me tell you - they are the most fantastic fabrics I've ever felt. Even better than Liberty Tana Lawn, if I may be so bold. ;)

And I want to know how in the world I missed Joel Dewberry's newest collection, Modern Meadow?!?! I haven't immediately loved a line this much in a looong time - I can't wait til it's released!! Does anyone know any details??


  1. Thanks for getting that all organized - that will be so great! And the quilt idea looks great...I love Kathy's shop too and her customer service is just wonderful. I saw those pics on Flikr yesterday - she's always so great about that kind of stuff. And I had missed Joel's new line too - thanks for the preview!


    For inspiration and patterns

  3. your hope valley quilt is going to be gorgeous! I love seeing your vision!

  4. thank you so very much for posting the colors that work with hope valley. i have been working my color card and it just wasn't going well. sometimes you just need a bigger swatch.