Saturday, May 14, 2011

- full plate -

 I'm juggling an enormous amount of things right now (all good things!), and my dining room table looks like a sweatshop, but some fun things are coming out of the chaos. And it really is chaotic when you have to push aside stacks of fabric to eat dinner, and still end up eating on top of your cutting mat. I have the most patient husband EVER, God bless him.

I'm going to have a booth at this great art fair during FestivALL, which is a 10-day-long festival of concerts, exhibits, and performances. The Blues, Brews & BBQs and Wine & Jazz festival, special Mountain Stage really is an incredibly fun week. 

I had some old boards, both barn wood and pallets, so I made some signs to sell. I had to do almost's our motto. :) 

(the little flashcards in the top picture are from teachmama - one of my favorite sites for homeschool ideas.)

OH! And I won this incredibly generous giveaway, too! Tasha from A Little Sweetness sent me the best package, and I can't wait to make a sweet little doll quilt with the adorable fabric


  1. I love your sign, but would really really like to know more about the quilt hanging on the left ..

  2. ok, so i'm a little embarrassed .. just read a little further .. not sure how i missed the post about the quilt - especially since i remember reading about and admiring your ruler stars ...

  3. FestivALL is a great time. Hope you do well. You have lots of fun stuff.

  4. Gorgeous - as always. I'm sure you will do amazing at the FestivALL - wish I could come :-)