Friday, May 27, 2011

- practical project -

We have a bar in our kitchen, and it's where our kids eat 99% of the time. They destroyed a set of solid wood stools in under a year, so we replaced them with these metal stools. The tops are cushioned and swivel, but are upholstered in the ugliest fabric - which has been stained with yogurt, salsa, and who knows what. I made some pleated slipcovers, which looked great, but had to be washed constantly and didn't hold up long. Something drastic needed to be done!! I know this is a pretty basic project, but thought I'd share in case you want to tackle a project of your own.

I unscrewed the seats, removed them, and then stuck the stools in the sink for a good scrubbing. That's how bad they were. 

Then I used some taped-together sheets of wax paper to make a template for each cover.

I pulled the fabric taut on each side and stapled. 

Then went back around and stapled the excess fabric, makings sure to tuck it in so it looked nice from the top and sides. 

Then trimmed the excess fabric. 

And put the base back on! Super easy project - quick and so practical. 

Much more kid-friendly, and the color matches our kitchen perfectly. FYI, this is Heather Bailey laminated cotton, available here. The vinyl laminated surface wipes clean so easily, and feels great - so much less stiff than I imagined. If you've felt oilcloth before, this is not as "crispy" and has a great hand.

I love these three little bums. ;) 


  1. That last pic just kills me....they are so cute.

  2. I love those little bums too!!

  3. Stephanie, these turned out so cute. I just love that fabric. I think I will have to check out the laminated cotton, because I am a big fan of oilcloth. :)