Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So I've been....

So I've been quite the prolific sewer during the last week or so. I've cut out 4 bags to sew, made an Indygo Junction Tribeca Tunic, an Easter skirt for Delaney, and 3 kidlets. Oh, and 4 wallhangings. I've been in a groove - don't you love it when that hapens?!

First up - the tunic. I was a little apprehensive about this pattern, thinking that maybe it would be too frumpy for me. I love the tunic style, though, so I thought I'd give it a try. I made the size medium, and I must say that I love it. It fits perfectly and was so super easy to make. And fast! It cut out and sewed up so quickly! I'll definitely make it again, but with a deeper v in the yoke. I also wish I would have chosen a smaller print for the yoke and contrasting bands, but oh, well. I found some earrings at Target that match it perfectly, and I have some great Ann Taylor off-white linen capris to wear it with.

We go to estate sales almost every Saturday - it's our little family ritual in the spring and summer. We hop in the car - kids still in their pj's - grab some breakfast, and cruise around town. It's a fun way to see old houses and find some treasures. I came across this gorgeous tablecloth a few weeks ago for $6 and I couldn't pass it up. It has the most amazing emboidery on it, especially on the corners, and I knew it would be great incorporated into Delaney's Easter outfit. I didn't use the corners on her skirt so I have to figure out what to do with them. Any suggestions?

I used some Michael Miller bias trim, and let me tell you - it is SO nice. It's silky and smooth and sews on so easily. I also used the last little bit of my Amy Butler Lime Full Moon Polka Dots - that has to be one of my favorite fabrics of all time - it just matches everything!

Delaney had this pink cardigan that was missing a button so I just went with it - I took off the other buttons and sewed on mismatched buttons in yummy candy colors. She loved looking at all the different colors and shapes - and it looked adorable!

I haven't lined the kidlets yet, so no pictures of them. I forgot to buy the cotton webbing for the handles, but once I finish them I'll upload pics. Hmmm....what else.....I'm excited to finish up some pillows and bind my wallhangings - I'm hoping for a shop update sometime in the next week or so.

That's all I've got, friends! Mwah!


  1. you rock. that's all all that's to it. wow. i've started incorporating fabric into my artwork latetly, and i have plans for cool art bags, etc... your blog makes it all the more exciting.

  2. The skirt is fabulous I love the layering. Maybe pockets with the corners?

    Love your tunic too of course the fabric beautiful.

    Nina x

  3. GORGEOUS. Inspiring. Completely and utterly inspiring.

    Delaney is SO grown up!

    Beautiful work - all of it!

  4. Your garments are lovely. And you little one sooo sweet :)

  5. I seriously LOVE the tunic...even better than the red shoes. Please tell me you used a store bought pattern. I will so not like you if you just 'whipped it up'! -smile-
    Your blog found via Faith Folk, aka Pam Warden.

  6. really love all of your projects especially the tunic. the fabric is also beautiful.

  7. OMG... where have you BEEN all my blog life?!?!?! I LOVE this little skirt. Oh, please inspire me to sew some clothes! I want to sooooooo badly but I'm a scaredy-cat.

    Is it really easy? What could I start with? I don't have a serger; will it really turn out okay without one?

    I'd love some advice.


  8. The tunic...and the skirt..are so very beautiful! The fabrics are just great!