Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Recovering from a cold. Sitting here with a box of tissues, a fresh cup of coffee, and wearing my favorite LLBean cardigan. Sounds attractive, doesn't it? But I do have makeup on, though. I went to the MAC counter this past weekend and got some much-needed goodies. I brought home some loose mineral foundation, some blush, Viva Glam lipstick, and lipglass. I'm definitely going back for more - the makeup artist was super knowledgable, so sweet, and took me out of my comfort zone to try some new colors. I think I'll get some pressed powder and a couple more glosses next time I go.

I ordered the kids' Easter gifts from Amazon this morning (Tinkerbell & Kung Fu Panda) and slipped in a little book for myself, too. I found a copy of Quick & Easy Slipcovers at Books-a-Million the other day and lo and behold, the first pattern was for a slipper chair slipcover! Sold! (I had to order it from Amazon, though, because it kills me to pay full price at a chain bookstore.) It looks like a great book, so we'll see how it goes.

I had a couple of comments/emails about my butcher block countertops. They are from IKEA - actually, our cabinets are from IKEA, too. Let me tell you, I LOVE them. I actually use them - I set hot pots/dishes on them, use them as a cutting board (not for meat, just fruits and veggies) and generally abuse them. They were unfinished for the first two years that we lived here and did just fine. A few weeks ago we sanded them down and put 5 coats of this sealer on them and they look wonderful. We should have done it long ago, but it's kind of a pain. You have to open the windows and you can't use the countertops for 72 hours. Josh and I have decided that all future kitchens that we build/remodel will have butcher block instead of pricey stone - it is beautiful, cheap, and we would much rather have one of these tables instead of a slab of granite. ;)

And I'm coveting one of these old subway directories - I LOVE them. Maybe one will make its way into our next house.

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