Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Who would've thought

that a vintage sheet makes such a great skirt?

Lisa over at Polka Dot Creations organized this awesome Summer Skirt Sheet Swap. I had the perfect sheet so I cut it into three pieces and mailed it to her. I received three different pieces in return and made a cute little skirt out of one last weekend. I literally hemmed the bottom, stuck some elastic on the top and sewed on some ric rac. It took me about 20 minutes. Stuck a cute little brown tank on with it and wore it to a Memorial Day cookout! I felt like I was in my pj's all day.

Thanks so much for all your hard work, Lisa - it was SO well-organized and I could tell she put a lot of hard work into the swap. I think I'm going to make pj shorts out of one of the other sheets. I have about a million projects on my mind right now. I had better go write that one down before I forget.

Wonderful Wednesday

Sister was up throughout the night last night. We finally brought her into bed with us and for some reason she thought it would be a good idea to stuff her feet into my pj bottoms. Not comfortable. Back to her bed she went.

The littlest on also joined us in bed this morning (early!) and man, I’m tired. Why don’t mamas get a morning nap?

I think we’re going to make muffins for our morning snack and I’m going to guzzle more coffee. We’re visiting the pediatrician later this afternoon. And it’s raining. Woo hoo.

On a more positive note, I was juried and accepted into the WV Pumpkin Festival. I’m pretty darn excited and a little nervous too. It’s a four-day festival with 45,000 visitors. Holy moly. What have I gotten myself into?!