Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm diggin

Clementines. They're seedless, easy to peel, and taste like candy. We've eaten 10 pounds of them in about a week.

Cowboy boots. I am (and have been) on the hunt for the PERFECT pair. I looooove the turquoise ones here - anyone know of any great boots? (That don't cost $400, that is. Those are easy to find).

What genius bribed Orla Kiely to design a collection for Target? My mouth literally dropped open and then I'm fairly sure I squealed when I found this out. Comes out this month - the 14th, I believe.

We (my mom, brother & I) went to Mountain Stage this past Sunday and saw Dierks Bentley. He was great, but what really caught my attention was the crazy good voice of Jessica Lea Mayfield. I kept thinking that one of her songs sounded SO familiar, and when I googled it I realized it's because The Avett Brothers also recorded it and I have played it over and over. I'm loving both of their sounds - twangy, acoustic, clean and just different. Different is good.

Speaking of good, let me demonstrate: