Monday, July 2, 2007

It's been a more than a day, I know...

I promised pictures of the completed shirt several days ago. Didn't happen. BUT, to make up for it, I have pictures of the shirt and a new bag that I made! Two firsts in one week - isn't that exciting?!
Okay, no making fun of my self-portraiture skills:

Not much of the shirt showing, is there? I was in a rush - screaming kids - so I'll try to get a better one sometime soon. The pattern (Simplicity 4589) was super easy - I mean shockingly easy. Like I said, I'd never sewn adult clothes before so I expected to be a little overwhelmed but I was pleasantly surprised! I actually made two shirts, but the first one is quite possibly the LOUDEST thing I've ever seen! The colors are way out there and it's striped. Enough said. I am really happy with the orange & linen version and some embroidery is planned for the neckline. Doubt that will ever happen, but I can dream, right? Oh, and the linen is from an old pair of pleated suit pants - LOVE that I was able to recycle them!!

On to the bag:

It's the Sweet Sixteen pattern by Rosalie Quinlan of Melly & Me and I am just too happy with it! The pattern was well-written and it went really quickly. I'm going to scale the pattern up a bit and make another to use as a tote. (Also made from the linen pants!)

See you tomorrow - I have some WIPs to share!