Thursday, February 14, 2008

A little behind...

I uploaded these on Valentine's Day....running a bit behind. Such is life, right?

We (read:I) carved potato stamps to make Valentines and Delaney had fun stamping. I remember making these as a child.

Then we got really ambitious and decided to make melted crayon cakes...

I do believe Dawson thought they were cookies!

We also used some red and pink crayon shavings to make Martha's stained-glass hearts...

And then to add to their excitedness we made cupcakes and buttercream icing...

I think they enjoyed themselves, don't you?! We had a great afternoon - I'm sure there's a St.Patrick's party coming up too. And an Easter get the picture.


  1. I forgot about potato stamps, what a great idea!

    I can't believe how old Dawson is looking! All that beautiful blond hair!

  2. The boys and I will definitely be making some potato stamps...what a great anytime activity. Thanks for reminding me about them.

  3. I forgot about potato stamps as well.

    and I am in total shock over how big Dawson is....sigh......

    I need more pics. :)

  4. Dawson is SO big! WOW.

    Looks like so much fun. I wanna come live at your house!

  5. hi, again! just wanted to let you know that when you have time/if you choose to play, i've tagged you. details under "seven things."

  6. Just found your blog thru Mystele. As a 48 y.o. mom of adult children, let me say how very refreshing it is to see a mom put such beautiful detail and effort into the simple joys of family, art & sharing. In a world of working moms and bling, it warms my soul to see the new generation of moms making time to pull out an apron and emulate more than just the talents of baking and crafting but the talent of displays of LOVE. No matter what, these children will always love you richly & deeply because of these memories. KUDOS Mommie & generous blessings on your yet unseen babe.
    kindest regards, Darly

  7. Oh, I'm totally going to do crayon cakes next time Cassie and I need a project! Excellent post for great ideas!

  8. Hi , can you tell me at which temp you set the oven and how long the crayons should be in there?
    Greetings Elsbeth.