Monday, October 29, 2012

Catching Up

I finally feel like I have a minute to breathe. Just a minute, though, because there are some really exciting things on the horizon! I did take a few pictures of my Festivall Art Fair preparations to share with you, but forgot to take pictures of my full table. That's not surprising.

I made a few little log cabin patchwork pumpkins with no real idea of what they would end up being. I finally framed 2 of them in 8x10 white shadowbox frames. It's been so rainy and dreary around here I couldn't get great pictures, but you get the idea. My BFF ended up buying them on the first day of the fair so I'll get to see them often. ;) 

I saw this pattern on Etsy a long, long time ago, and kept meaning to make them. I finally got around to it and love how they turned out! I did buy the pattern since I used the general idea, but I didn't follow it at all. I have issues following patterns - that seems to be a common theme on most blogs I read, haha! 

I teach at our homeschool group on Friday mornings and it overlapped with the beginning of the fair, so this awesome man I married  finished setting up for me, priced things, and worked until I could get there. Love him. My mom also visited from VA and was so helpful - she took the kids to buy Halloween costumes since their slacker mom hadn't yet. ;) 

I've posted before about my experiences with Festivall, which I absolutely love. This was the first Festivall Fall Art Fair, and it was quite slow. No advertising budget + horrible weather is a bad combination for an outdoor fair. There were very few shoppers Friday and a little more Saturday, but it was still a good time, mostly thanks to my amazing neighbors. Two lovely ladies from The Hermitage Monastery were so kind and fun to talk to - we chatted about knitting and had an amazing swap! Their soaps and lip balms are made using milk from the monk's goats and wax from their bees. Incredible. 

I made several new items this time - some of Jeni's drawstring bags (buy the pattern here - it's so great), some clutches, and a few camera straps. It was really nice for a change of pace - I get SO tired of sewing wristlets, even though they are my best sellers. 

I bought some Anna Maria Horner Loulouthi Flannel last year with plans to make a quick throw backed with voile. My idea was to do a large hand-tied patchwork throw with wool batting. I don't know about you, but I have a seriously hard time sticking with my original plans. I chatted on Instagram with Erin from Pellon (who is super sweet!) and she offered to send me some batting. That puffy cloud under the flannel is a wonderful wool batting that I'm so excited to try. It is much lighter than I expected, and I'm anxious to see how it quilts. (Since - of course - my hand-tied throw has turned into a hand-quilted-with-perle-cotton quilt. I roll my eyes at myself often.) 

I took a curved piecing class from Christina at Sewing Summit and that gave me the confidence to try curves on a bigger scale. I sketched this pattern and then drew it on freezer paper - and I even remembered to add seam allowances! I had to order a few additional yards of flannel, but I went ahead and started with what I have. It is so much easier to sew curves on a larger scale. I was a little concerned about using the flannel since it's so puffy and distorts easily, but it really was a breeze. 

I have to share this picture with you - it is so ridiculous. My husband and a group of his friends ran a Tough Mudder race last weekend. It was insane, and freezing, and included swimming through dumpsters of ice. So they've already signed up for another. Obviously. 

I'll be back this week with my Sewing Summit recap - or part 1 of it, anyway! See you then! 

** Could I ask you to please pray for my MIL? She's in the hospital with an issue that the doctors can't quite figure out. Thank you! ** 


  1. So happy I signed up to follow your posts. Loved all of your quilty and sewing inspiration in this one. Can't wait to see your curved flannel quilt too.
    Hope your MIL is better soon.

  2. Praying for your mother in law. I hope you did well at the craft show!